Heacox, Hartman, Koshmrl, Cosgriff & Johnson along with Jay Hartman named best law firm and attorney by Target

We are proud to announce that Sedgwick, on behalf of Target, has named Heacox, Hartman, Koshmrl, Cosgriff & Johnson, P.A. as the number one law firm for the second Quarter of 2016. Our attorneys take tremendous pride in their work and strive to go above and beyond for our clients. It is a great honor to be considered the number one law firm by our client.

Jay Hartman, who handles our Target cases, was also selected as the number one attorney by Target for the second Quarter of 2016. This selection is based on an average score of three or more attorney surveys completed during the quarter. Jay has a continuous drive for excellence, which insures his clients the highest quality of work, in addition to setting the standard for our firm. Congratulations Jay!